Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fun Pictures From The Party

Boots made Ellie her very own birthday sign .... and put it on Tom the turkey ....Thanks Boots !

This is Ellie's picnic table from Uncle Chris ... he made it for her ... Thank you Uncle Chris for my sweet present ! I love it !

This cute little butterfly is from Jim and Bonnie Hamilton ... Thank you so much for sending it ! Ellie loves it !

Walk ...Walk ... Walk .... As you can see Ellie practiced walking a lot at her birthday party. She has gotten really good at it. It seems funny for her to follow me around the house on her feet instead of crawling ...


Brandy said...

What a fun party, Miss Ellie! I still cannot believe you are one! have fun with your Boots and Banty!

Auntie B

Banty said...

And a fun time was had by all! What a BLESSED family we are!
love banty

aunt julie said...

You are such a beautiful girl!! I enjoyed shopping with you this year!

i love you

Nena said...

OH what a wonderful time
we did have. I agree with
Banty "What a BLESSED
family we are"

Love you
Nena :>)

Banty said...

Miss Ellie, Banty misses you already! Hope you are feeling better real soon! I know you are glad to have Mommy and Daddy home!

love banty
phil. 1:3