Sunday, February 24, 2008

The San Antonio Zoo !

After my big birthday breakfast ... we took all the kids to the zoo ... I must say thanks to Boots and Banty for making the trip and surprising me by bringing Tate and Emmy ... And a special thank you to Brad and Brandy for letting them come all this way !!! It made for an extra special birthday for me !!! I LOVED IT !

I also have to say that it was the PERFECT weather ! We had a beautiful day ... and ALL the aniamls were out ....

Ellie's wagon worked out great with all the kids ... they loved riding in it !

Ellie with her sweet daddy !

Riding the train !

They loved the elephant !

look at he monkeys :)

Tate and Ellie were wiped out after the Zoo ... But not Emmy ....

The kids eating breakfast in their San Antonio Zoo t-shirts that Boots and Banty got them !

Also ... getting to use Ellie's table that Uncle Chris built for her ...


Nena said...

What a Wonderful Fun
Day for all. :>)
I like the elephants

Love you
Nena :>)

rick and sharyn mc said...

What an amazing Birthday Present! It looks like fun was had by all! Happy Birthday Laci!

aunt julie said...

Looks like a great time!! love the pig-tails on the girls!!

i love you

Brandy said...

Tate is still talking about the "zebas" and the "twain". I know the kids had a great time. :)
And it looks like Miss Ellie had fun with her cousins there! Her and Emmy's pigtails are so cute! :)

Auntie B