Monday, March 17, 2008

What A Mess !

O My Goodness ... Can you believe this mess :) ... While we were in Belton helping get everything ready for Cousin Owen's and Aunt KK's birthday, Uncle Chris let Ellie lick the cake bowl ... She loved it and she was such a mess ! Needless to say, she went straight to the tub :)


aunt julie said...

well my goodness, who doesn't love to lick the bowl?!?!?!?

i love it!!


Nena said...

Oh my goodness what a
Beautiful mess you are.
I'm sorry I missed all
that fun, but we sure
had lots more. Thanks
for the laugh and smiles.
I sure needed them tonight..

Love and kisses
Nena :>)

theritzfamily said...

How funny!!!Cameron did the same thing when I made brownies a while back!!!!

Banty said...

How fun! I guess Uncle Chris got the clean up duty! love banty

Brandy said...

She looks a little guilty in the first picture! How fun and messy! :)

Auntie B