Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ellie's New Toy

Ellie liked her friend Caleb's 4 wheeler so much that her Daddy went and bought her one ... but of course hers is pink and purple ! She loves it ! And she drives a little like her Cousin Emmy ... she doesn't always look where she's going !


Brandy said...

Watch out for Ellie and Emmy on the roads in 13 years!!! Even Tate is scared of her driving! At least it is pink and purple...very stylish!

Auntie B

Banty said...

You look so cute in your 4 wheeler! Tate might need to give you and Emmy a few driving lessons! I MISS YOU!!! love banty

Rebecca said...

Oh my, I seem to remember two fifth graders driving around Bosuqe County in a real car...Miss Ellie must be practicing so she can drive around Bosque County with her friend Connor.
Such fun,