Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ellie At The Beach

Nap time in the wagon ... I think Ellie feel asleep at the beach everyday that we were there ... It was hard to get her to take a nap in the room ... she kept saying "bye bye" ... wanting to go back to the beach ...

"Wawa" ...

this little video is very short ... but Todd and I love it ... it shows her excitement for the beach ....


Banty said...

Love the video! Watched it over and over! Boots thinks the photo of her carrying the bucket could be a post card! love banty

Nena said...

I agree with Boots,you would
make a Beautiful post card.
You also make a Beautiful
Sleeping Beauty :>) What fun
we had.

Love you
Nena :>)

aunt julie said...

Sweet pictures!!! Such a happy girl.

i love you all,

rick and sharyn mc said...

I LOVE THE VIDEO!!! The joy of a child in the simple things...wouldn't it be nice if we got that excited about the beach!!!
I love all the pics of you sweet Ellie!!! You are such a beautiful young girl!!!