Thursday, August 07, 2008

Boots and Banty

Boots, Banty and Tyler came to see us last weekend ... We did a little furniture swapping ... we had a table set of theirs and they had a bed of ours ... And took our first family photo in front of the new house ... Sooooo glad you came ! Love you ! Hurry up and come back !!

Ellie was playing tickling game with Boots and Banty ...

We also took Tyler to the Alamo ... he had never been ... and we had to fix that ! Glad you came Tyler !


Banty said...

Had fun! Your new house already feels like HOME! love banty

aunt julie said...

I surely miss yall.

love ya

rick and sharyn mc said...

Love the family photo. You are such an adorable family! Hope to see you all soon! It's already been to long! Congrats on the new house! Can't wait to see it too!
Love, Sharyn